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LifeVac is used to saved 2 year old boy from choking on coins

2-Year-Old Boy Chokes on Coins Back Blows Fail and LifeVac Saves His Life – #410

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 410th life saved

On June 28th a 2-year-old boy choked on several coins.  The child’s dad attempted back blows, but he was unable to dislodge the coins from his son’s airway.

Here is the mom’s testimonial:

“My son had several coins in his mouth. He was roughhousing on the couch and fell off backward. He swallowed the coins. My husband saw it happen and ran to him immediately. He called for me and I quickly ran into the living room and instantly noticed he was choking. My husband was attempting to sweep the coins out and had successfully dug out a couple of coins. My son gasped, was able to make a sound, and then continued choking. I quickly ran for the LifeVac. I opened the mask portion, stuck it into the suction part, and instructed my husband to lay him on his back. I very quickly positioned the mask over his mouth, pushed down, and pulled up quickly. As I pulled it off of his mouth, I noticed coins filling his mouth. I threw him onto his side, and they fell out of his mouth along with some vomit. He started crying and was breathing normally again. This all happened in the span of maybe one minute. I’m convinced LifeVac saved his life.  I’m extremely thankful I bought it over a year ago when he first started putting everything into his mouth.

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