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2 year old chokes on chicken nugget and is saved with LifeVac

2-Year-Old Chokes on Chicken Nugget and Heimlich Fails – #427

LifeVac announces our 427th life saved

On July 16th a 2-year-old little boy choked on a chicken nugget.  Choking rescue procedures were attempted by the child’s father but unfortunately were unsuccessful.  We are so thankful this family had a LifeVac in their home!

Here is the dad’s testimonial:

“My 2-year-old son was eating his normal dinner of chicken nuggets. One got lodged in his throat and he began gagging and couldn’t get it down. After slapping him on the back plenty of times, we got out the LifeVac and used it.  In one pull, the food came out of his mouth.

We were so grateful to have had the LifeVac! It was the scariest moment of my life.”


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