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Boy with Downs Saved from Choking with LifeVac

3-Year-Old Boy Saved with LifeVac – #174

LifeVac announces its 174th life saved.

We are happy to share the news that LifeVac has saved another child.  We received a report that a 3-year-old boy with Down Syndrome choked on a gummy fruit chew snack.  His father shared details on the choking scare.  The fruit chew snack caused a partial blockage but he was unable to dislodge the obstruction with back blows.  When choking rescue procedures failed the child’s father laid him on the floor.  Holding his head he applied the LifeVac to the child’s face and on the second place, push, pull motion the candy popped right out onto the floor.  We are so thankful the child is okay especially with the nearest hospital 16 miles away.

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