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455th life saved by LifeVac

32-Year-Old Chokes on Cashews and Saves Herself Using LifeVac – #455

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 455th life saved

On August 14th a 32-year-old female choked on cashews.  She was cleaning up her home and grabbed a handful of cashews.  She was unable to cough them up.  She used the rescue device on herself as her family was still sleeping upstairs.

“This morning, I was cleaning because I just couldn’t sleep. Everyone else was sleeping so I figured what the heck I’ll clean my house. There was a large container of whole cashews on my table I opened to snack on while I cleaned up. I start throwing things away and trip on my son’s toy. I started choking. Sucked them right down my throat. I thought to myself I can get these up, don’t panic. I couldn’t so I grabbed the LifeVac. I didn’t get it together right because I was panicking so much. After several tries, it pulled them out and they hit the table. I sat down and shook and cried.  I never never thought I’d have to use his on myself, and I broke my own rule of never eating alone. But I’m ok, I’m here thanks to having a LifeVac.”


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