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4-Year-Old Autistic Boy Saved with LifeVac – #277

LifeVac is thrilled to share news of our 277th life saved.

It was reported to us that on January 29th a ​4-year-old autistic boy, choked on a bagel causing a total obstruction. The child’s grandmother reported the choking Incident that took place at her daughter’s home. Choking rescue procedures were performed but were unsuccessful. Thankfully, they had a LifeVac and with 1 attempt successfully dislodged a huge piece of bagel (approx. 4 inches) saving his life.  911 was called.  The fire department was first to respond and then paramedics. The child was examined and given a clean bill of health.  “His oxygen levels were great.” They showed the first responders the LifeVac device and to their surprise, the paramedic has a LifeVac for his family.

4 year old autistic boy is saved with LifeVac

“He is alive and perfect thanks to LifeVac.  I’ll never stop singing your praises.”


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