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LifeVac Saves 243rd Life in a Choking Emergency

60-Year-Old Woman Goes Unconscious from Choking – #243

LifeVac is thrilled to share news of our 243rd life saved

On December 26th a 60-year-old female choked on a hard candy that caused a total obstruction. The choking victim went unconscious.  LifeVac was used 1 time and successfully dislodged the obstruction.

“LifeVac 100% it saved her life! EMT personnel were called. They deemed the patient was stable upon examination and was okay to return home. I would purchase this travel unit again and again. I have a home unit as well but used this one as we were traveling. Thank you thank you!”


LifeVac Bundle Kit

Protect Your Loved Ones Today

Get our bundle kit. Protect your family in a choking emergency. This kit comes with everything you need. Receive a Home kit and Travel kit for only $139.90  $129.95.


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