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Aunt Saves 6-Year-Old Nephew with LifeVac – #192

We are proud to announce our 192nd life saved.

The choking scare was reported to us by the child’s aunt. Her 6-year-old nephew choked on mac & cheese with a cut-up hot dog.  The child was not able to breathe and was turning red. He was frightened as she attempted back blows a few times.  When choking rescue procedures failed she got out the LifeVac she purchased and quickly assembled it.  On the first time, the food was removed out the child’s oral cavity into the unit.  “He was choking on a piece of his food so we quickly pulled the LifeVac out. It only took one pull for it to help and save his life! Absolutely, it saved his life! We were terrified, but the LifeVac came to the rescue. This is an amazing product.  It needs to be everywhere”



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