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LifeVac Registers its 41st Life Saved in UK Care Sector

On the 18th of November, LifeVac Europe was informed once again it had been used to save another life. This time to save a residents life in a Future Care Group home in Chichester. It was only in October that Future Care Group partnered with LifeVac and we completed regional training for their group rollout.  Future […]

Infant saved from choking with LifeVac anti-choking device

LifeVac saves it’s youngest life, 3-week-old girl

On November 13th LifeVac was used to save the life of 3-week-old, Audrey Johnson, the youngest life saved!  The infant’s airway was fully obstructed and she was turning blue.  She was unable to breathe due to the combination of thick mucus and gripe water.  Infant choking rescue procedures were performed but were not working.  Jerad, […]

LifeVac Registers 38th Life Saved

November 8th LifeVac was used by EKAB Ambulance Service in Greece to save another life. A 90-year-old lady with Alzheimer’s Disease was eating dinner with her daughter when she began to choke on her food (chopped up burger). As soon as her daughter realized her mother was choking she administeredabdominal thrusts and back blows which […]

LifeVac Registers 37th Life Saved

A one-year-old boy was saved by a daycare worker in Spain. The mother said that she realized he was choking and performed the 5&5 maneuver that she was trained to do in a choking emergency.  Rescue choking protocol was unsuccessful.  She called a caregiver at the daycare, also trained, but was unsuccessful. The worker got […]

LifeVac Registers 35th Life Saved

A 6-year-old boy was eating Spanish cured ham and began to choke. The Heimlich was carried out by his father without success. The child’s father is a Paramedic and is trained in the choking protocol. The ham mixed with the saliva made it difficult to dislodge the blockage. The LifeVac was retrieved from the kitchen […]

LifeVac Registers 32nd Saved Life from Choking

On September 16th, LifeVac was informed of saving our 32nd life, our first child saved in the UK. On Saturday the 14th of September, Mark and his wife were enjoying dinner with their 11-month-old son Oscar. Oscar was eating chopped up tuna and pasta when he put too much food in his mouth and began to […]