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Resident in care home saved with LifeVac

Care Home Resident Chokes and Is Saved with LifeVac – #474

LifeVac is proud to share news of our 474th life saved

We have been informed of another life saved in a choking emergency within another UK care home.  An 86-Year-Old female resident, who resides in a care home in Oxfordshire, came into difficulty while eating her dinner. A large piece of salmon had become lodged, creating a full airway obstruction. Nurses acted quickly and accordingly delivering BLS first aid choking protocol. Unfortunately, these attempts failed to dislodge the obstruction. The female resident then became unconscious.

A staff member quickly grabbed their LifeVac device, the casualty was in a laying position. On the first Place-Push-Pull, LifeVac removed the full airway obstruction, saving the resident’s life.

“LifeVac devices have only been in this care home for 2 months – all staff very positive on their use – easy to use and totally responsible for dislodging the food.” — Manager


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