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LifeVac Registers 54th Life Saved

LIfeVac Europe is very happy to announce LifeVac was used once again in the care sector to save another life! A resident within Exemplar Health care in the UK was saved when choking rescue protocol failed.  LifeVac was utilized removing the obstruction “cleanly and swiftly and the resident has made a full recovery.”    

LifeVac Saves 52nd Life

LIFEVAC SAVES A LIFE IN A PRESCHOOL IN ROMANIA LifeVac is so excited to announce another life being saved! LifeVac was used to save the life of a 2 1/2 yr old boy who choked while at his preschool in Romania. The Heimlich maneuver was performed but attempts were unsuccessful.  LifeVac was then utilized to dislodge the obstruction and saved the child’s life. This is the 16th child saved with LifeVac to date. “We are proud to share that LifeVac has now saved 52 lives globally, 16 of which are children.”, says Arthur Lih, Founder & CEO. “This is an amazing start to the year. “Our mission has only just […]