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Emergency services save 71 year old female from choking using LifeVac

Emergency Services Use LifeVac to Save 71-Year-Old Woman from Choking – #375

LifeVac is proud to share news of our 375th life saved

On May 29th it was reported to us that a 71-year-old female began choking and was in need of medical attention.  Emergency & Rescue Squad services responded to the choking emergency.   BLS protocol was attempted but failed to clear her airway.  It is unknown what the woman was choking on.  When choking rescue procedures were unsuccessful LifeVac was utilized.  On the third attempt with LifeVac, the patient was responsive.  LifeVac helped save her life!

Thank you to our first responders who on a daily basis keep our communities safe! You are true heroes.


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