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Good Samaritan Saves Life With LifeVac– #233

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 233rd life saved.

It was reported to us that on December 2nd another Good Samaritan used LifeVac to rescue a stranger.  A 58-year-old gentleman was choking on a piece of shrimp while dining at the Bahama Breeze restaurant.  The food caused a partial blockage of the victim’s airway.  LifeVac was used by the Good Samaritan several times dislodging the obstructions and saving his life.

“This man was at a restaurant, and I did not personally know him but ran to our car to grab the LifeVac.  His choking led to stroke/seizure/ heart attack. We kept him alive until EMS ​arrived, and he was conscious once he left the restaurant. ”

What a great story! Thank you to the good Samaritan who helped save this gentleman’s life.

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