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Good samaritan saves man from choking to death #393

Good Samaritan Saves Man from Choking with LifeVac – #393

LifeVac is proud to share news of our 393rd life saved

It was reported to us that on May 31st a 50-year-old gentleman was saved by a Good Samaritan.  The gentleman began to choke on a piece of chicken that caused a blockage of his airway.  Unfortunately, no one was able to perform the Heimlich due to his stature.  Thankfully a Good Samaritan had a LifeVac in her car and after two attempts the food was dislodged saving his life.

“The device dislodged the chicken and was fine after that. He did not want/need further medical treatment.  Absolutely! saved his life!

He was such a large man no one could get their arm around him to do the Heimlich maneuver. My car was right there with my LifeVac in it so it only took a couple of seconds to get and perform”. “  I heard about the device on a Facebook story about a little boy that died after a choking incident not far from me. His parents are now huge advocates and trying to get LifeVac at every restaurant, school, and EMT they possibly can. When I bought mine I bought 4 of them. I got 3/4 of my children one to have for their kids, one for myself, and got donated to my grandson’s elementary school. Thank you for an AMAZING product! I’m SO glad I purchased one for myself when I purchased one for each of my 3 children that have young kids.”

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