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Life Saved #1620- Self-Administered

On New Year’s Eve (12/31) a 66-year-old female from Ohio choked on a piece of broccoli while making a salad. She took a bite of the broccoli and then another. The second piece became lodged in her airway resulting in a total blockage. Miraculous she used LifeVac on herself two times and successfully dislodged the food.

Here is her story:

“LifeVac saved my life!! I had bought 3 LifeVacs for family members and one for myself. I was in the kitchen and I could not breathe or yell/talk for help, I remembered I had a LifeVac in the spare bedroom and ran to retrieve it, but I could not find it! I drank water but it wouldn’t even go down, it shot right back out of my mouth! I went back to the spare bedroom as I was in such a panic and God was with me. I found my LifeVac! I was shaking badly and not really coherent, I should have removed my glasses, but didn’t, therefore not a proper seal, but enough for the LifeVac to dislodge the obstruction and I swallowed it. I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly life-threatening choking is and the panic that sets in, I have NEVER felt so close to death in my entire life! I am in tears as I write my life-threatening experience and how fortunate I had my Life Vac and God helping me to find it. Some people may think this sounds cheesy, but I assure you, if you have never choked and are unable to talk or breathe, you definitely don’t want to experience it! Thank you to the makers of LifeVac, you truly did SAVE MY LIFE!”

1 thoughts on “Life Saved #1620- Self-Administered

  1. Chris Altenburg says:

    I was amused to read the comment in which the writer suggested that you lower the price you charge.
    I remain grateful that such an effective device exists and the price is well worth paying for the incredible
    benefits it supplies.

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