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Life Saved #1705

On January 23, 2024, this precious 16th-month-old girl choked on soft sugar wafer snacks resulting in a total obstruction.  Here is the testimonial from her mom”
“I wanted to reach out to the company to inform you that we had used our device on our 16-month-old daughter on January 23rd. She does not have all of her bottom teeth yet, so she tends to pack food into the side of her mouth instead of chewing all the way. She was snacking on a soft sugar wafer that our son loved to snack on as a baby, as well. He had never choked, so we never imagined her choking on such a soft & small piece of food. We had thought she had cleared her mouth of her snack and continued playing, but then she started choking, coughing, and turning purple. We used the LifeVac once, which got some of it out, patted her back, and she continued to cough, so then did a second time and it dislodged it completely. The piece was the size of a dime.”
“She was also life #1310 saved when she choked on a Gerber puff the day of her 1st birthday party. My mother-in-law was the one who had contacted you guys before about the first time, and we wanted to contact you personally to thank you guys and make you aware that not once, but twice her life was saved. “

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