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Life Saved #1708

This adorable 8-month-old baby girl choked on a teething biscuit. Basic life support protocol was performed by her mother who is CPR certified.  LifeVac was used two times and successfully dislodged the obstruction saving this little one’s life.

“LifeVac saved my child. When using the LifeVac the cookie dislodged from her throat.  My daughter was sitting in a highchair at dinner when I noticed she started choking. At first, my husband and I didn’t think much because she was still breathing, but she inhaled and couldn’t exhale. Once we noticed it was completely blocking her airway, I grabbed her and ran to the parking lot.

My husband laid her down in the trunk while I used the LifeVac on her. After the second attempt, the main part of the cookie that was blocking her airway was removed. She continued to cry so I knew something was wrong, we rushed her to the ER where they took X-rays and found pieces of the cookie still lodged in her esophagus. Luckily it was no longer completely blocking her airway. After being observed for several hours and drinking water and milk the cookie dissolved. Harper is now in great spirits, and we wouldn’t be here without the help of the LifeVac. My husband and I are both first responders and tried BLS and nothing worked until we applied the LifeVac.”

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