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Life Saved #1856

“Thank you so much for such an amazing product! I’ve already purchased one for my sister and another for my dad, which they’ve both had to use as well and resulted in more lives saved!

My 2-year-old son was eating baby carrots and I was cooking. He ran up to me, grasping at his neck & unable to breathe. I yelled to my husband to grab the LifeVac as I started to check his airway and then started firmly patting his back to try to get him to cough up the chewed carrots, but to no avail. My husband handed me the LifeVac & I placed it over his mouth the first time didn’t work because I didn’t create a proper seal. The second time, I firmly sealed it and plunged the carrots out, while he was still standing. He immediately took a deep breath and started talking to me about his blanket (which is what he was concerned about right before choking😅) as if nothing had happened. He was completely fine right after the incident and it’s thanks to the LifeVac.

We take it on every trip we take and have gifted several to family and friends. My husband and I are both CPR certified, but this is such an invaluable tool that gives me peace of mind because in the moment, all my training went out the window.”

A Hill

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