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Life Saved #1881

On February 29th a 1 year old boy from Virginia choked on a piece of a pop tart resulting in a total obstruction. Choking rescue protocol was followed. LifeVac was used 2x and successfully dislodged the food.

Here is the mom’s testimonial:

“My son is doing well now! Thanks to the LifeVac it’s like it never even happened! He had minor throat irritation but I do not at all think that was from the LifeVac but more so from when I panicked and tried to see if I was able to see the piece of food stuck in his throat or remove it, and could not see it at all or feel it! He is no longer irritated in his throat.

He was standing with his sister playing with his toy while eating a pop tart! He bit off a big piece and then his sister, who is 2 years old, pushed him causing him to cry! When he cried, it got lodged into his throat. He was making no noises at all and it happened so fast. I did attempt to do the five blows to the back while he was inclined and abdominal thrusts but it did nothing! He started to turn purple and was still making no sound at all, not even a cough. I then ran for the LifeVac, I followed the steps I had seen on the YouTube videos and the helpful instructions that came in the bag, and with two attempts of tilting his chin up, placing the mask over his nose and mouth and holding it in place, I pushed it down and popped it up swiftly and it came right out!!!!!!

He only cried for a little and was back to playing and his normal self. We live across the street from a fire station, We had his breathing and everything assessed and he was given a clean bill of health so we didn’t think the hospital trip was necessary. Without the LifeVac I’m not sure how things would have turned out.

You can have loads of training and awareness but once you are in the moment it’s like a panic and you remember nothing, and with nothing working as I expected it to it caused me to feel even more panicked! But I am very thankful for this device, so thankful I did share my story of it on TikTok which gained a lot of traction and became viral helping other women to learn and purchase the item as well! I will now be telling anyone and everyone who will listen and hopefully purchase more for my children’s schools! “

Thank you very much! Sierra B.

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