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Life Saved #1941

On March 14th a 7-month-old boy from Tennessee choked on a piece of grilled cheese.   He was wheezing and turning blue. LifeVac was utilized after back blows were unsuccessful.  On the first try the obstruction was removed. “I was home alone with both boys and this absolutely saved my son’s life and got the situation under control.”

Here is the mother’s testimonial:

I want to say how thankful I am for LifeVac. It’s one of those things you buy, hoping & thinking you will probably never use it, but truthfully couldn’t be more relieved and humbled to have it save Jaxson. It’s an overwhelming wave of emotions going through something like this, but I am forever indebted to your company.

I was feeding him dinner and he is learning BLW. He ate two pieces of the grilled cheese before perfectly fine and I figured he was still hungry for more, so I gave him two more pieces and that third piece is when the choking incident happened. He seemed to just be gagging at first and then you could just see a look at his eye that changed. He was still crying, but it was a very muffled cry and I pulled him out of his highchair and started doing back blows to have the piece come up.

I brought him back up and he was still crying but with a muffled cry and I flipped him over again to do more back blows, and that’s when he started wheezing and what sounded like to me gasping for air. I grabbed the LifeVac out of our pantry where we keep it, sat him on the couch, and with the first try of using it, the piece he was choking on came right up. Instant relief overwhelmed me, and he cried for about 30 seconds and was ready to eat some more. Again, to be a kid again. He has a raspy throat as anyone would, but he seems to be in good spirits and is eating just fine

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