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Life Saved #2019

On February 27, 2024, a 1 year old girl choked on a hair tie causing a total blockage. Choking rescue procedures were performed but failed to dislodge the object. LifeVac was utilized and in the second attempt successfully removed the object from the child’s airway.

Here is the mom’s story:

“Face turning red, coughing, refused to open mouth”

“My daughter was splashing in the bath. I turned to grab her towel. I noticed slight coughing and she refused to open her mouth. When I got her mouth open, I could see a black hair tie in the back of her mouth/throat. I ran to get my LifeVac! At that time she swallowed it further and was red and she couldn’t breathe. I used the LifeVac on her and it dislodged the hair tie. She was able to breathe and got up like any toddler would and just wanted to go play.I completely know the LifeVac saved my toddler. I tried to turn her over and hit her back but it would not dislodge the hair tie. I saw an ad when I was pregnant with my (now toddler). Bought it just in case. I did not expect to ever have to use it. Now that I have a 3 ½ month old as well I will always keep the LifeVac nearby for both kids.”

Amanda D

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