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Life Saved #2126

On May 28th, 2024 a 3-year-old boy choked on bacon resulting in a total obstruction. Protocol was followed but was unsuccessful leaving him unconscious. LifeVac removed the obstruction on its third use. His mother describes the incident as follows:

“I walked into the kitchen to get more coffee. As I walked back to the living room my son was bent over and holding his neck. I grabbed him and tried all the things I have been trained to do. Back blows, finger sweep to clear blockage etc. Nothing was helping and he was starting to lose color and turn bluish. I remembered the “vacuum thing” my mother had sent me and I dug it out of the back of the cabinet I had placed it in. Had zero clue what to do or how to use it. I was ripping open plastic and in a state of absolute panic. I saw two different masks so I grabbed the smaller one and put it on. The paper had clear photos to follow. I put it on his little face and after the third pull he gasped for air! I lost it and started crying harder than I have ever cried in my entire life. I held him tighter than ever before. A few minutes after he was able to breathe he looked up at me and I heard the sweetest little voice say “tank you momma!” It saved him when all the training in the world wasn’t working! I can never thank you enough! We are so very grateful for this product as we still have this sweet little boy with us!”


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