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Life Saved #2265

On May 25th, 2024, a 9-month-old baby girl choked on mucus during a seizure at Splashin Safari Water Park. Protocol was followed but was unsuccessful. LifeVac removed the obstruction after several attempts. A good Samaritan who saved this baby describes the incident as follows:


“A little over a year ago I couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to own some LifeVacs.  I ordered two, one for home, and one for the diaper bag.  I showed them to my children and told them what it was for, and showed them where we would keep them.  Recently, my family and I were at a water park, and we heard a dad say “My baby is choking”.  I know CPR, so I just instinctively went to offer my help.  He told me she was choking on a French fry.  I started with back blows, but nothing was coming out.  I remember thinking “I wish I had my LifeVac. Wait! I do have my LifeVac!” And yelled for my oldest child to bring it to me.  He knew right where it was, and ran it over for me to use.  The baby was having a (non-shaking) seizure and choking on her mucus. The LifeVac was able to pull it out so she could breathe.  All homes NEED to have these.  We have fire extinguishers, we have other safety items, LifeVacs need to just be a standard safety tool we have.  I know CPR. I’ve known it for years.  I’ve used it before and it worked, but this time I needed the tool that LifeVac is.  On one hand, it’s priceless, on the other hand as a single-income family, I know it’s also hard to have money that isn’t already assigned to something.  Especially something you don’t ever want to have to actually use.  I am so thankful that I couldn’t shake the feeling, and bought two.  The replacement guarantee is also so wonderful.  We had our replacement very quickly.  Thanks so much for everything LifeVac.  My kids are so proud of what we did, and I am so proud of them for stepping up to help in an emergency. ”

Whitney L

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