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Life Saved #2320

On June 5th, 2024, a 52-year-old woman choked on steak at Outback Steak House resulting in total obstruction. Protocol was not followed as LifeVac removed the obstruction on its first use. Her daughter describes the choking incident as follows:


“My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She has fallen ill with a disease called cyclic vomiting syndrome and hardly eats as it is. She hadn’t eaten in a few days, and we spontaneously decided we were going to go out to eat. I noticed she started choking as soon as it happened. I have had the LifeVac device., I ordered it originally for my children and it sat in the back of my car since I ordered it in January. Yesterday at 2:45 pm, I told myself to put the device in my diaper bag because it didn’t do any good sitting in my trunk. I went to my parent’s house and at 5 pm, I walked in and asked my dad “Have you heard of these? This is gonna be the next big thing”. He kind of laughed it off and said, “I’m “I’m not too sure that’ll get it out, but it may work.” I sat down and read over the instruction manual and watched a video on how to use it in case God forbid I ever needed it. I used it an hour and a half later at the restaurant saving my mom’s life within 1-2 mins.”


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