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Life Saved #2387

On June 18th, 2024 a 3-year-old boy choked on sausage resulting in a partial obstruction. Protocol was followed but was unsuccessful. LifeVac removed the obstruction on its second use. The child’s father describes the incident as follows:

“My son came into the kitchen right after I gave him his food, and I could tell he was struggling. I hit him on the back, and it didn’t work so we immediately laid him down and used the device. I pumped it twice, and then we rolled him over and smacked him on his back, and a quarter-sized piece of sausage flew out. I’m so grateful we had it because it made it so easy. Otherwise, it may have been a fight to get it out. Dominic is doing great now. It didn’t affect him as badly as it did me. I held him after the incident to comfort him, but shortly after, he was ready to go back and eat his breakfast. He may have been a bit more traumatized if we didn’t have the life vac and did not react so fast. Thank you again for providing a product that saved my son’s life and being so considerate. We really appreciate everything.”


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