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Life Saved #2417

On June 22nd, 2024 a 57-year-old woman choked on a piece of beef shish kebab resulting in a total obstruction. Protocol was followed with the Heimlich attempted by four people, but was unsuccessful. LifeVac removed the obstruction on its third use. The woman’s sister who administered LifeVac describes the incident as follows:

“I just want to thank you for this LifeVac device. Last Saturday I went to my sister’s house. She had a BBQ party with close friends as well. During the fun, my sister ate a piece of beef shish kabab. She started choking. We all got so nervous to see my sister choke. Then I remembered we had the LifeVac in my car. We used this wonderful invention to save my sister’s life. I ordered this device about a year ago. Purchased 3 of them: one for my house, one for my car, and one for my husband’s truck. Thank God my sister is doing well.”

Marianna F

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