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Life Saved #2480

On July 8th, 2024 a 2-year-old girl choked on a lollipop resulting in a partial obstruction. Protocol was followed but was unsuccessful. LifeVac removed the obstruction on its fourth use. The child’s mother describes the incident as follows:

“As a parent, this was truly one of the scariest moments I’ve had so far and so very thankful we had the LifeVac on hand! We are in the process of potty training and so Aspen was taking her “5 licks of a lollipop” when the candy came off the stick. She said mama look it came off and I turned to hand a plate of food to my other daughter – before I knew it she was choking. I tried my best to dislodge the candy with the maneuvers learned in CPR class and it was not budging. I called for my husband and he immediately grabbed the LifeVac. At this point, we were about 1 minute in and she was starting to foam at the mouth. In a panic we laid her on the ground and It took about 4 forceful movements before the LifeVac worked, also bringing up a bit of vomit. Again we’re so thankful that it worked because unfortunately I personally know a little boy who passed from choking on a grape (so the worst things were crossing my mind!) Aspen is good now. Kiddos truly are resilient! She was definitely shaken up, but we are thanking God for the blessing of having here here with us and of course to the LifeVac too.”


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