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LifeVac saves two year old girl from choking

LifeVac Registers 114th Life Saved

LifeVac announces its 114th life saved!  A sweet two-year-old girl began choking on a lifesaver candy.  Her father who is CPR trained performed BLS protocol 5 times without success. He quickly put the unit together and standing behind her removed the obstruction on the first pull.


“This product saved her life! I made the mistake of letting my two-year-old try a lifesaver like her 4-year-old sister. All of a sudden, my older daughter alerted me that I needed to help Zelie. I heard a couple strange-sounding coughs, then found Zelie with wide eyes and no sound, no coughing, just a look of terror. I tried back pats, probably 10 times, and Zelie was continuing to look at me for help but couldn’t speak or cough. She started to get droopy eyelids and I remembered my LifeVac in the diaper bag. I got it out as quick as I could, connected the infant mouthpiece, and had Zelie stand between my legs while I placed her head between my knees and applied the LifeVac to her mouth. The lifesaver came out whole after a 1/4 pull from the Life Vac and Zelie was throwing up and coughing. We immediately drove into the ED for an evaluation. Her oxygen was 91 initially and she was very lethargic. After a few hours, she was cleared to go home and her oxygen had risen to 98. She is perfect now! “


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