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Baby girl saved from Choking

LifeVac Registers 130th Life Saved

Exciting news! On May 2nd, LifeVac helped save another child!  We are so thankful that a family in Florida had a LifeVac on hand when their baby girl started choking on vomit & mucus.  BLS protocol was performed but was unsuccessful.  LifeVac was used twice by parents and successfully opened the child’s airway saving her life.

Mom’s testimonial:  

“We originally purchased the LifeVac for our middle daughter because she loves to put small items inside her mouth and I wanted to be safe. Never did we think, we would use it, specifically on our newborn baby.

It all started with my baby having colic and lots of gas that wouldn’t come out no matter how much we burped her, one night I was changing her diaper, I heard a huge air bubble come out from her stomach and she puked very thick milk with a “mucus” like consistency which clogged her tiny mouth and nose, immediately I flipped her in her side and started trying to clear her airways by trying to clean it, tapping on her back, and sucking it out with my mouth, nothing was working, I immediately screamed for my husband and requested him to grab the LifeVac while I continuously tapped her back, she was turning purple, her tongue was sticking out her eyes were wide, she was looking at me hopelessly, that’s when I realized the biggest nightmare was about to unfold if we didn’t act quickly, my baby was leaving us. Luckily, he put everything together in a matter of seconds, handed it to me and I asked him to call 911, that’s when I started using the device on my daughter, it covered her whole face, but it worked! I pumped it 2 times, the airways were cleared, she started breathing and turning pink again.

The whole incident was under 1 minute, but it felt like a lifetime, it was the scariest night of our lives, we thought we were going to lose her especially since we live in a remote area, I am positive paramedics wouldn’t have arrived on time, LifeVac saved her life!

This was the best preventive investment we have ever made, a small price to pay for the peace of mind, especially with three kids.”

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