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Choking First Aid saves 137th Life

LifeVac Registers 137th Life Saved

LifeVac proudly announces its 137th life saved! 
A 70-year-old female at an adult foster home in Michigan began choking on a mini meatball.  The house mother attempted the Heimlich but unfortunately was unsuccessful. The patient went unresponsive and was laid down.  On the 2-3 attempt of the LifeVac, the meatball popped out, The resident was cyanotic and not breathing; after trying to stimulate her, and preparing for rescue breathing, she took a deep breath. She continued to breathe slow and deep but remained unconscious. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she finally woke up and was able to come home a couple of hours later.  The ER doctor said, “you saved her life using this device”.  “When looking at life and death and you are under extreme stress, the LifeVac was easy to use.  This is the best invention ever”.


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