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LifeVac Registers 1482nd Life Saved

Life saved #1482!  We are touched by this amazing testimonial from a mom whose 15-month-old son choked on a piece of broccoli. He was coughing at first. She went to hold him, and he took a deep breath in, and she knew right away it became a total obstruction.  “LifeVac absolutely saved him. I am trained in CPR and BLS as I am an EMT and nothing worked. I did back blows and tried a finger sweep and couldn’t even feel it. I put him on the floor and after the 2nd pull it dislodged to the front of his mouth where I could remove it. Even if I kept trying back blows it would not have come out. I bought a 3 pack on a whim hoping I’d never have to use it and I am so glad I had it. I know it saved his life.”

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