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LifeVac Registers 1530th Life Saved

On December 2nd a 4-year-old boy from Michigan choked on salami causing a total obstruction. His mother attempted basic life support protocol, but those methods failed. LifeVac was used 1 time and successfully removed the obstruction right in the device.

“I could not believe how successfully this LifeVac worked on my son! My four-year-old son was choking on chewed-up salami. He was not able to breathe, and the Heimlich maneuver was not working on him. He was starting to turn gray. I was starting to panic and then I remembered I had the LifeVac in my cabinet. I yelled for my husband to grab it for me and as soon as I put it on my child’s mouth and plunged it, the food unclogged and cleared the blockage from his throat immediately! He was then able to breathe! This saved his life! Thank goodness!!! I shared this on my Facebook 2 days ago, and so far over 4000 people have re-shared it! There have been SO MANY people purchasing it over the last couple of days because of my post! It’s unbelievable! Literally hundreds! Thank you again LifeVac!!!! This will be an amazing ripple effect!”

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