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LifeVac Registers 63rd Life Saved

We are thrilled to get a report from a customer that purchased a LifeVac years ago. Like many customers, not expecting to have to use the LifeVac, but so relieved that they had one when the emergency happened. Here is the mother’s account:

Our 4 year old daughter has a terrifying habit of shaking her head vigorously while eating, or leaving the table with food in her mouth without us realizing it to play with her brother – she hides it in her cheeks. She has done this since starting on solid food so I bought a life vac a couple of years ago when I first heard of it, as I am not CPR trained and think the Heimlich is so hard to do correctly. my only option in a true emergency felt like 911 until I found this. We keep it under our kitchen sink. After lunch today kids were playing and we heard choking, and worse than what we typically encounter. She had a very raspy wheezy sound and was turning red very quickly. My husband tried Heimlich while I ran to get life vac. We honestly didn’t even do it correctly (no time for directions in the moment if panic and we hadn’t thought about this device for some time), she stayed standing as I applied it. I did it twice and the second time it was like a miracle, chunks of sausage from her lunch came right up into the mask and she was able to breathe. We went about our day after a VERY serious and loving conversation on why she has to stop messing around with food in her mouth (for the millionth time), but I’m hoping this time scared her enough to listen. Today could have been the end of the world for us….I just believe how quick it all happened. I was so grateful we had the life vac so close by. Every family, restaurant, school and daycare should have these, seriously. I am convinced this saved her life today, Heimlich was doing nothing. This worked – even though I did it improperly – in seconds flat. THANK YOU!!!!




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