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LifeVac Registers First Successful Rescue

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., June 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/

LifeVac, the device designed to save the life of a choking victim, has saved the life of a female nursing home resident in Dyfed, Wales.

“We are very happy to learn that LifeVac has successfully saved a person from choking to death,” said founder and President Arthur Lih.

The Allt-y-Mynydd Care Home in Dyfed, Wales, purchased a LifeVac after a resident choked to death in January. Two days after receiving their LifeVac a female resident was choking on her lunch.  An attendant used the LifeVac to successfully remove the object and clear the victim’s airway with one pull on the device.

“LifeVac was developed with, and has been endorsed by, doctors, EMTs and first responders,” said Lih. “We will continue our efforts to ensure LifeVac is in every school, nursing home and anywhere a person is at a high risk of choking.  Over 4,000 people choke to death in the US every year, over 100,000 worldwide. LifeVac’s mission is to eliminate these tragic deaths.”

About Allt-y-Mynydd Care Home

Allt Y Mynydd is a forty-four bedroom nursing home that is registered for many specialist needs. It is located in Dyfed, Wales and run by Ashberry Health Group. Contact Marina Richards at [email protected].

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