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LifeVac Registers its Tenth Life Saved


We are pleased to announce LifeVac has saved its 10th life! This time in another UK care home United Health. LifeVac was used on a 68-year-old male with Down Syndrome who choked on a hard chunk of chocolate and became unconscious when BLS choking protocol failed. On the 2nd application of LifeVac the chocolate came out, paramedics then arrived to take the male away for observations where he returned the next day in perfect condition.

One thought on “LifeVac Registers its Tenth Life Saved

  1. hiilawi3 says:

    I have purchased this from my CPR trainer. It saved my adult disabled sons life today. He was choking on french fries while I was driving on the freeway. He was scared and not moving air. He is in an electric wheelchair and his chair is tied down in the van. If I wouldn’t have had this device it would have taken too long to get him out of the van and out of his chair to do the heimlich. It took me seconds to get the device out, put together , use it and dislodge the french fry. If it wasn’t for lifevac my son Rhett would not be here. Thank you and Thank god! Tina

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