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LifeVac Saves 106th Life from Choking

We are delighted to share news from our UK partners that another life has been saved in a care home.

The team at LifeVac Europe has the pleasure of sharing more great news! LifeVac has helped save another life within Dovehaven Care Homes!

A male resident was enjoying his evening meal when he had an epileptic seizure and began to choke on his food. Staff responded very quickly delivering BLS protocol. Sadly, BLS could not dislodge the obstruction. The team quickly deployed LifeVac and dislodged the food saving the gentleman’s life who was sitting in a chair.

Sam Jacob, Managing Director – Dovehaven Care Homes, commented:

“Purchasing the LifeVac system was a positive decision made to keep residents safe and give colleagues the confidence and support to deal with emergencies. Never did we think 2 lives would be saved in the space of 6 months. On both occasions feedback was extremely positive, with colleagues involved saying the LifeVac was easy to use and had an immediate result on choke prevention… we are very grateful that this piece of equipment is in all our dining areas giving us that added reassurance.”

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