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LifeVac Saves 2-Year-Old Girl– #493

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 493rd life saved.

On September 29th a 2 1/2-year-old little girl choked on ice-cream. The ice cream was harder than normal, she was unable to swallow it and quickly it began a full blockage of her airway.  The Heimlich was attempted but failed.  The child’s grandfather ran for the LifeVac, put it together, and handed it to his daughter.  On the first attempt by the child’s mother the rescue device successfully opened her airway

Here is the mothers testimonial.

“Elia and her older sister had just sat down, and they were both eating a bowl of ice cream. My dad was walking by and told me that Elia had dropped her spoonful of ice cream on the floor. I looked up from the kitchen, about 5 steps away from where she was at the dining room table, to see that Elia’s eyes were huge and she was starting to panic. She tried to take a drink of water, I heard her gurgling, she grabbed at her mouth, and a lot of ice cream was bubbling out of her mouth and nose. I said, “She’s choking!!” I then rushed over and started performing the Heimlich on her, it wasn’t working. My dad rushed to the spot I told him I kept the LifeVac and he ripped it all open for me. I quickly handed Elia to my dad, and he held her to his chest. I placed the LifeVac on her face and plunged it one time and all of the ice cream came out of both her mouth and nose, and she started to cry.

I am so thankful that I purchased this about a year ago, I never want this to happen again. One use was all it took to help her. I am also so thankful that my dad was there to help me.”

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