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LifeVac Saves 48th Life

17-Month-old, Everleigh was saved by her mother with LifeVac after choking rescue procedures failed.

Mom’s testimonial of the frightening choking incident:

My daughter, Everleigh, is 17months old. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called Soto’s syndrome. She is developmentally delayed in many areas. One of the biggest issues we have is low tone and difficulty swallowing. She has had 4 swallow studies and has not been able to progress off of honey thickened liquids. She also can only do mashed or purées for foods. She tends to choke very easily but can usually self recover with some stimulation like a pat on the back or positioning her until she catch her breath and either vomit or cough.

SUNDAY NIGHT she was not able to self recover. She was grunting and not able to take a breath, not able to vomit or cough. When I realized we were in trouble I had my mom call 911. My husband went and grabbed one of the 3 LifeVac devices that we keep. We used the device and it was able to suction her out enough that she was able to take a breath and then vomit and clear her airway.

THE LOOK IN MY BABIES EYES and seeing her lips start to turn blue is something I won’t forget. We keep a LifeVac in our house, our car, and her diaper bag at all times. I am eternally grateful for this device and it’s role in helping to save our little girl!”

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