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LifeVac Saves 9-Month-Old from Choking on Penny – #283

LifeVac announces our 283rd life saved.

It was reported to us on February 9th that LifeVac was used once again to help save the life of a child.  A 9-month-old baby boy choked on a penny causing an airway obstruction.  The child’s father attempted choking rescue protocol but was unsuccessful in dislodging the coin.  He then utilized the LifeVac with his son in a sitting position and was able to successfully dislodge the obstruction saving his son’s life.

This 9-month-old baby is the 148th life saved by LifeVac when choking rescue procedures failed.  We are so thankful this family saw a video on LifeVac and choose to protect their family.



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