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LifeVac Saves Boy in School – #322

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 322nd life saved.

This is the first student that has been saved in a South Carolina school!  On April 14th a young boy (6 years old) choked on a piece of candy at an Easter celebration.  The candy caused a total blockage of the child’s airway.  BLS protocol was followed but was unsuccessful.  We are so thankful that the school was gifted a LifeVac by a parent whose children attend the Montessori School.  She helped save that young boy’s life!

My children go there and I purchased one for them when my daughter would choke a lot of food, as a safety precaution. They had given out candy for the Easter celebration and the child did not properly chew it before swallowing and it became lodged in his throat. The teacher said they had to pump it 4 times and it came out.”

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