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LifeVac Saves the Life of 7 year old (55th life saved)

My daughter Maddie is 7 years old and is a chronic choker due to being born with Cerebral Palsy. I am a healthcare provider so I thought I was prepared for any choking incident. In the past back blows have always worked but for my peace of mind, my friend purchased and gifted this lifesaving device to me to have just in case. I really never thought I would have to use it but on March 29th, we were all sat down to have dinner when Maddie started choking on a bite of hamburger. I did not panic at first as this happens all the time. I began to do back blows, and when that didn’t work I became more worried and tried the Heimlich. After about 3 cycles of doing both of those things, the situation became serious and her lips started turning blue. She could not cough or make any sound and I began to panic. That’s when I remembered I had the LifeVac and ran to grab it. I firmly placed the mouthpiece over her mouth and pushed then pulled the plunger. I heard a little sound but she was still choking so I tried it again. After the second time the piece of food came up and I was able to grab it out of her mouth. Had I not used the LifeVac, I do not believe my daughter would still be here today. This device 100% saved her life and I would recommend anyone with a child have one in their homes.

Thank you so much.

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