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LifeVac USA has registered its 12th life saved

We are thrilled to announce that LifeVac USA has registered its 12th life saved


hiilawi3 – 07/19/2018

I have purchased this from my CPR trainer. It saved my adult disabled sons life today. He was choking on carne asada french fries while I was driving on the freeway. The fries had become this pasty guacamole ball of fries. He was scared and not moving air. He has cerebral palsy and is a spastic quadriplegic. He uses an electric wheelchair and his chair is tied down in the van.

If I wouldn’t have had the LifeVac, it would have taken too long to get him out of the van. I would have had to merge to the right-hand lane, deploy his ramp, unstrap his wheelchair, turn on his chair, back him out of the van, remove his tray, chest harness, seat belt and shoe straps, just so I could get behind him to do the Heimlich. Instead, it took me SECONDS with the assistance of my other adult son, Phillip (25), who has autism to get the device off of his chair and out of his backpack, put it together, used it and dislodged the pasty ball of french fries. If it wasn’t for LifeVac my son Rhett (28) would not be here.

I have been asking people for years, “how I am supposed to help Rhett if he chokes”. I can’t reach around his wheelchair to do the Heimlich and he is so fragile and small I would really hurt him. After using this device on Rhett he had some popsicles to help with some soreness and was checked by a doctor to verify he was ok. His recovery was 1 day. Amazing!!!

My other son, Phillip, had recently taken the CPR course with me and received training that included the LifeVac. He has some processing issues among multiple other diagnoses, but he understood that his brother was choking and how to help because of his training. So, I believe that many people of different abilities and some training could use this device to save a life, including their own.

I have heard people talk about the price being steep, but how much is your or your loved one’s life worth to you. Plus, if the Heimlich is used on you, you may have other hospital bills to help you recover from broken ribs or worse. They will be much more than the price of this awesome device created by this amazing man!

Thank you and Thank god!


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