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Man uses LifeVac to save his own life #391

Man Uses LifeVac to Save Himself from Choking – #391

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 391st life saved

On May 31st it was reported to us that a 55-year-old male choked on a turkey and ham sandwich causing a total obstruction.  He was alone and thankfully had a LifeVac on hand using it to save his own life.

Here is his testimonial:

“I was choking with no air at all.  I quickly got out of my chair and ran to the kitchen where I keep the LifeVac hanging on the key chain area and took out the large size mouthpiece put it to my face and with 2 pumps I was able to remove the obstruction. The outcome was that it worked like it was supposed to.”


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