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1-Year-Old boy saved from choking with LifeVac #344

Mom Saves Her 1-Year-Old Baby Boy Using LifeVac – #344

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 344th life saved

It was reported to us that on April 26th a one-year-old baby boy choked on a yogurt ball causing a total blockage. The child was clearly in distress and his mother immediately attempted choking rescue procedures.

Here is the mom’s terrifying story:

“My son Jack (1years old) was eating his yogurt bites as he had done for months. He suddenly choked and within seconds was bent over in his highchair, blue, and unresponsive. I took him out of his highchair and used the Heimlich maneuver, back blows, and CPR, but he still was not breathing. He was purple, with his eyes rolled back in his head. His body was limp, and I was so afraid he was already gone. I called 911 and remembered that my mom had gifted me a LifeVac device. I quickly found the device while on the phone with 911 and by my third attempt my son started breathing again. The fire department and ambulance came in in just under five minutes and luckily by that time he was awake and crying. They cleared him and we were able to avoid one of the worst things I could ever imagine. While I don’t suggest this device is a replacement for learning the Heimlich maneuver or CPR, I know for a fact that it is the reason my son is alive today. I am so grateful and lucky that Jack is alive and unharmed, but he came very, very close. Seeing him unresponsive like that will forever haunt me. While the average 911 response time varies from city to city, even major ones such as Miami have an average time of 8 minutes. In ADULTS, Permanent brain damage and/or death can occur in as little as 4-6 minutes without oxygen.”

My son lived thanks to you guys.  I will forever be grateful. The LifeVac undoubtedly saved his life”

1 Year old saved by his mother from choking


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