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Neighbor saves child from choking with LifeVac

Neighbor Saves 1-Year-Old from Choking with LifeVac – #422

LifeVac is happy to share details of another Good Samaritan saving the life of a child

It was reported to us that on June 27th a 1-year-old girl choked on a deep-fried corn meal ball/chip that was purchased from a large gas station in their town. The children were all playing in the driveway when the child began choking. The child’s father immediately picked her up and attempted back blows, but the attempts failed.  The neighbor ran up the driveway, grabbed his LifeVac unit, assembled it, laid the child on the concrete, and used the rescue device just one time. The corn meal ball was dislodged from the child’s airway saving her life.

“I feel if we had not had our LifeVac it would have been a negative outcome.  The nearest hospital is 20 minutes away.”


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