Choking First Aid saves 135th Life

LifeVac Registers 135th Life Saved

We are delighted to share news from our partners in Canada. LIFEVAC Used to Save a Resident of an Ontario-based Long Term Care Facility! We are delighted to have received word that LifeVac was used on April 28th to assist a 76-year-old male resident during a blocked airway emergency. Standard choking protocols were first administered […]

18-month-old boy saved from choking to death

LifeVac Registers 134th Life Saved

We are overjoyed to share the news that LifeVac has saved another child!  This is the 134th life saved! An 18-month-old boy choked on a cap gun bullet.  He was gasping for air and then turning purple.  Mom performed back slaps and turned him upside down but nothing worked. His eyes were bulging.  The older […]

LifeVac Saves Choking Patient

LifeVac Registers 133rd Life Saved

We proudly announce the 133rd life saved in a choking emergency! Read the testimonial from the health care professional that saved the patient’s life: “A patient starting choking on pancakes and lost consciousness after prolonged apnea, LifeVac worked after all other attempts failed.  The patient became cyanotic and bradycardic, LifeVac applied twice, removal of substance on both […]

Man saved from choking to death in Valencia Spain

LifeVac Registers 132nd Life Saved

LifeVac announces its 132nd life saved!  We are delighted to share the news that LifeVac has saved the life of a gentleman in Valencia, Spain.  The gentleman began choking on a piece of hamburger.  The Heimlich maneuver was performed without success. LifeVac was used after protocol failed and saved his life.  

2 year old girl saved from choking by LifeVac Device

LifeVac Registers 131st Life Saved

LifeVac helps save its 131st life!  Another child is safe after LifeVac was utilized when a 2-year-old little girl started choking on a piece of cantaloupe.  Here is the mom’s testimonial: “We bought the LifeVac as a precaution, and I’m so glad we did… a week ago our 2-year-old climbed out of her chair as we […]

Baby girl saved from Choking

LifeVac Registers 130th Life Saved

Exciting news! On May 2nd, LifeVac helped save another child!  We are so thankful that a family in Florida had a LifeVac on hand when their baby girl started choking on vomit & mucus.  BLS protocol was performed but was unsuccessful.  LifeVac was used twice by parents and successfully opened the child’s airway saving her […]

LifeVac Registers 129th Life Saved

We are thrilled to announce that LifeVac has saved another child!  This is our 129th life saved. A 2-year-old boy began choking on a plantain chip suffering a total airway obstruction unable to make a sound.  His mother saved his life with the help of LifeVac. “I was patting him on his back several times […]

LifeVac Registers 128th Life Saved

We are delighted to share the news that LifeVac has saved another child! A 3-year-old boy with special needs began choking on a piece of chicken causing a full airway blockage. The child was not able to make a sound. His mother immediately performed back blows several times but the obstruction was not cleared. She […]

Elder care home saves life with LifeVac

LifeVac Registers 127th Life Saved

It’s with great pleasure the team at LifeVac Europe share more amazing news, LifeVac has helped save another life within Sunrise Senior Living An elderly service user was eating her dinner when she began to choke on a piece of meat. Nurses acted very quickly delivering BLS choking protocol, 11 back blows, and 3 abdominal […]

LifeVac saves Toddler from Choking

LifeVac Registers 126th Life Saved

LifeVac saves another child! We are delighted to announce that LifeVac has helped save the life of a 16-month-old little girl when she began choking on a Gerber puffed chip. The child’s mother performed back blows for approximately a minute but was unsuccessful in dislodging the snack. Upon utilizing the LifeVac three times the obstruction […]