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Ninth Life Saved - LifeVac

Ninth Life Saved – Excemplar Healthcare

We are excited to share news from the UK office on the 9TH LIFE SAVED USING LIFEVAC: We are very proud & pleased to share news of our 9th LIFE SAVED!! LifeVac saved the life of a resident who choked in an Exemplar Healthcare care home during meal time after standard BLS protocol failed & they became unconscious.

This shows once again why LifeVac is needed in the healthcare Sector & why it has been recognized as an unmet medical need by MHRA.

This is our 6th life saved in the care home sector and 4th in the UK.

LifeVac is the only non-invasive anti-choking device with interchangeable masks for differently sized casualties. We are in the process of making a new training session tailored specifically to care homes as so many have equipped LifeVac in the UK.

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