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457th life saved with LifeVac

Police Officer Saves Woman that Choked on Pill with LifeVac – #457

LifeVac announces news of our 457th life saved

It was reported to us by a New Jersey Police Department that a choking incident took place at the home residence of a 54-year-old female.  The woman choked on a supplement pill. Upon arriving at the home residence, the patient was standing over the kitchen sink. Back blows were performed by her husband but were unsuccessful.  Officers retrieved the LifeVac from their patrol car and successfully dislodged the obstruction, saving her life.

“A resident donated a LifeVac to each of our patrol cars”

We are so thankful this agency was equipped with LifeVac.  This entire community is safer because of the generous donation made to the police department.


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