Over 6700 Schools Choose LifeVac

In our mission to stop the #1 cause of accidental death in schools we are willing to offer a 20% discount on the school kits.

No option is not an option!  All children deserve a chance in a choking emergency including those in a wheelchair, with scoliosis brace, spina bifida, broken bones and many other disabilities.

To help your school, we are offering you 20% off the School Kit. Just enter your info below and you will receive your code in your email instantly.

LifeVac School Kit

  • The School Kit consists of four units. Each Kit is individually packaged.
  • The kits are suggested to be placed in the Principal’s office (Home Kit) for practice, the cafeteria, the nurse’s office, and the PE instructor’s office.
  • The LifeVac comes with two mask sizes, Adult and Pediatric.

LifeVac Kits

LifeVac School Kit

(97) $240.00