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2-Year-Old Boy Chokes on Banana and Saved with LifeVac – #358

LifeVac Saves little boy from choking on banana

LifeVac proudly announces our 358th life saved On May 4th it was reported to us that a 2-year-old boy, choked on a banana.  Choking rescue procedures were performed by his mother but were unsuccessful.  After one attempt LifeVac successfully dislodged the banana, and the child was able to breathe again. Here is the mother’s testimonial: “Whenever a mom… Read more

LifeVac Used to Save Little Girl that had a Seizure and Choked – #357

LifeVac Saves 357th life in choking emergency

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 357th life saved On May 10th a 2-year-old little girl began to choke while having a febrile seizure.  Here is the mother’s terrifying story of the day her daughter choked. “I wanted you to know that I believe that the LifeVac saved my daughter’s life on Monday. She… Read more

2-Year-Old Choking on Strawberry Saved with LifeVac– #288

LifeVac Saves 2 Year old girl from choking on strawberry

LifeVac is happy to share news of our 288th life saved It was reported to us that on February 15th a 2-year-old little girl choked on a strawberry causing her to have a blocked airway.  The protocol was followed by her parent in an attempt to dislodge the strawberry but was unsuccessful.  LifeVac was then… Read more