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LifeVac Registers 1530th Life Saved

On December 2nd a 4-year-old boy from Michigan choked on salami causing a total obstruction. His mother attempted basic life support protocol, but those methods failed. LifeVac was used 1 time and successfully removed the obstruction right in the device. “I could not believe how successfully this LifeVac worked on my son! My four-year-old son was… Read more

LifeVac Registers 1420th Life Saved

1-year-old Noah choked on potato chips causing a total obstruction. Choking rescue protocol was followed by attempts failed.  LifeVac was utilized one time and on the first attempt, the food was dislodged.  Here is the father’s testimonial.”    It was like nothing had happened 5 minutes after the incident.  We called 911 and they responded. He was evaluated… Read more